Where do you hide the spare key?

Do you still leave a spare key to your home hidden outside? It’s not unusual for us to stick to habits and if you do this practice you’re not alone. In fact, as many as 20% of homeowners in the UK admit to still keeping a key outside, whether it’s under a mat or flower pot, or perhaps in the garage.

Despite advice from the police and Government saying not to do this, homeowners continue to hide their key in a not-so-safe-place. In fact, even if you think it’s well hidden, the chances are if someone is looking they’ll find it.

Whilst 20% does seem like a small number, it seems strange that homeowners would risk invalidating their home insurance if an intruder simply finds and uses the key.

Research shows the most common area the spare key is hidden:

  • 2% hide their key under a plant pot
  • 6% hide their key under a mat
  • 6% hide their key in the garage or shed.
  • 7% hide their key elsewhere in the garden

Home insurers always advise against this too and try to warn homeowners that they won’t pay out if this is the way someone gains access to your home. So why continue to do it?

A much better option would be to leave a spare set with neighbours you can trust, a family member or even a friend. This means you can easily get access to these if you happen to lose your key. 44% of homeowners are doing this and it’s definitely the recommended option.

Remember you can always use a key cutting service to get as many spares as you need, whether it’s to dish out to your children or other relatives.

Stop leaving your key outside and improve the security of your home. According to statistics there’s a burglary attempt every 45 seconds, so make sure you’re not the next one to fall victim.

Tom Crosswell

I have been managing online projects since 1999 and I'm a experienced marketeer, who is well versed in international brand management, online business strategy and developing long term relationships. Through my academic and professional background I am a specialist in generating online loyalty towards brands. My experience has taught me that ultimately business is about relationships and people. For more information see my Google+ page.