Security systems rated

How much do you know about the security options for your home? With burglaries on the rise it has become more important than ever to ensure your home is safe from break-ins. According to national statistics there is a burglary attempt every 45 seconds, so let’s make sure you’re not the next number on the list.

So what are the ways to protect your home? There are plenty of preventative measures you can impose; from security lights to alarm systems and we’ve rated the most effective below.

Remember, implementing each of the following will aid in making your property more secure. But better still would be to use all of the following advice, as together they can add multiple layers to your home security and even bring down your insurance premiums.


This is probably the best preventative measure you could consider and then you also have the evidence for prosecution later down the line. The chances are, if a potential intruder spots your CCTV they won’t attempt a break-in, because it’s far too risky. They’d much rather an easier option and would probably move on from your property. CCTV is more common on commercial properties, but you could certainly consider a small circuit system for your home.

Security rating: 9/10

A new front door

Does your door look a little old and worn? If so it could well become the next target of a burglar operating in your area. The older the front door, the easier it’s likely to be to break-in. With a replacement front door you’ll instantly benefit from a sturdy and resilient installation, especially if you choose a composite door. Then you have the improved locking mechanism too, which will be pick, drill and bump resistant. A composite front door will be in much better shape to keep your home safe from burglaries.

Security rating: 8/10

Security lights

Do you have a dark front garden and driveway at night? Perhaps there’s not a lot of street lighting. If so, then maybe it’s worth fitting security lights which trigger when someone approaches your home. Intruders would rather operate under the cover of darkness than be lit up like a Christmas tree, so let’s give them exactly what they don’t want.

Security rating: 7/10

Alarm system

An alarm system can work as a deterrent to potential intruders in two ways. First off all, just seeing the system in place can be enough to put someone off entering your home. It may not be worth the hassle and they’d much rather move elsewhere to an easier target. Secondly, if they do still attempt a break-in, the ringing alarm noise could persuade them to turn their tails and scarper.

Security rating: 8/10

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