How secure is your new home?

If you have just moved into a new home then congratulations, you’ve finally come through the long and stressful period. There are bound to be unpacked boxes still cluttering the hallways and furniture waiting to be screwed together, but don’t rush this as it’ll all soon come together nicely.

Instead, one of your primary concerns should be ensuring your new home has the security you need. There are a number of security checks to carry out in your home and plenty of access points for a burglar to make the most of if your protection isn’t watertight.

First of all it’s advised that you go round to every window and ensure the locks are in working order. Have a look around the frames too for any gaps that can be exploited and simply ensure they’re all in a good working order. It’s the windows and doors of your home that a burglar will likely target, so it’s imperative to carry out sufficient checks.

If you have home insurance then this could be invalidated if your windows don’t have the right locks in place. So always ask your insurers the details and make sure your property complies with regulations. You should also have an insurance booklet you can look at for guidance.

Louver windows in particularly can be easily broken into as the slats can be removed. We would recommend replacing these with fixed glass, even if there are locks in place.

Leaded windows are similar, in that whilst they look fantastic, they can set your home apart as an easy target. With secondary glazing or decorative grills you can instantly boost security.

As always, it’s best to have double glazed windows as these provide the best security to your home. With the latest multipoint locking mechanisms you’ll ensure your property is safe and sound.

Tom Crosswell

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