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Lighting and garden security

Good and appropriate, lighting can help ward off would-be thieves or draw attention to their activities so it’s essential to think about illuminating the outside of your home, as well as the inside. In addition, garden security is also more important than ever before.

The most appropriate form of external lighting is highly-efficient, has low-energy use, and is controlled by a dusk-to-dawn switch so that it comes on only when it’s dark.

This type of system:

  • Provides a constant and consistent level of light
  • Costs very little to run
  • Helps to create a more reassuring environment.

An alternative is motion-sensitive lighting. Because it switches itself on when something moves within it range.

However, it could be annoying to neighbours and dangerous to passing traffic. To help reduce these risks, you should direct the lights downwards. It’s also recommended that such lights are fitted at a height of at least 2.5 metres (eight feet).

Whichever security lighting option you choose, it will help lessen any fears you may have about the dark or who may be lurking in your garden.

Installation garden security

When it comes to installing your security lights, you should remember:

1. Your home and garden are being lit to increase personal security, not to brighten up your:

  • a) Neighbours’ property
  • b) Entire neighbourhood.

This should be quite easy to judge at night when your lights are on by checking that they aren’t:

  • Shining directly at someone else’s home, paths or garden
  • Pitched at such a height they could affect the vision of passers-by.

If you get any complaints, it should be possible to adjust your lights or perhaps fit a shield to deflect the beam. And, if your lighting system is fitted with a timer, don’t forget to use it sensibly.

2. Harsh glaring light will make it difficult to see what’s outside and create deep shadows that would give cover to an intruder.

3. If you have any doubts about your DIY capabilities or the best lighting equipment for your property, it makes sense to hire a professional electrical contractor.

Extra gardens security

Intruders can be prevented from accessing the back and sides of a property by strong fencing and/or gates. You should regularly check for weak spots where somebody could get into your garden and make any necessary improvements to protect your home.

Solid fences or walls – particularly those with a flat or rounded top – are a relatively easy climb: fixing trellising to the top can make it more difficult and less stable. But don’t be tempted to add barbed or razor wire or broken glass – you could be held legally responsible for any injuries caused; safer alternatives that are designed to not cut or injure are available.

A thorny hedge along your boundary can also act as a deterrent, but make sure that passers-by can still see the front of your property so a burglar can’t work without being seen.

Although structures like pergolas and gazebos add character to gardens, they shouldn’t be too close any buildings as they could be used to help access upper windows.

Because gravel is noisy to walk on it’s an excellent natural burglar alarm that makes it difficult for anyone to sneak about undetected, especially when placed under downstairs windows.

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