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Home Security Tips

Whenever you’re out of the home, your property is at risk. You could only be at the shops or even on a holiday. An alarm system will give you much needed peace of mind in the security of your home, whether you’re in the country or not.

But what about other ways to ensure your home’s security? There are some excellent ways to boost your home security practices so take a look at our useful tips:

1. Always make sure both the front and back doors are locked, even when you’re in the home.
2. Every time you leave home lock all windows and doors
3. Don’t hide a spare key under a flower pot or mat. No matter how well hidden you think it is, it’s a security risk. Instead leave a key with a trusted friend or family member
4. Fit:

  • A spyhole and security chain to your front door
  • Bolts to all exterior doors
  • Multipoint locks
  • A high lockable gate to side passages.

5. Ensure to replace weak glass panels in your door with laminate
6. Strengthen your doors with home security hinge bolts
7. Put trees, spiky hedges or thorny plants in your garden to act as a defensive perimeter for home security
8. Consider a timer to give the impression that someone is at home when you’re out
9. Install motion activated security lights especially if you live in a poorly lit area
10. Beware of any bogus callers, such as someone saying they desperately need to use your phone. It could be a distraction technique whilst someone else tries to access another part of your property.
11. When you are away from the home for a long period of time:

  • Cancel your milk orders and newspaper deliveries
  • Set your lights on a timer to give the impression someone is home
  • Ask one of your neighbours or a family member to keep an eye on things, such as collecting your mail. The more activity in your home, the less obvious it is that you’re not around
  • Consider the Royal Mail Keepsafe service so your post could be held for two months.

12. If you’re selling your home, only allow people to view who have booked an appointment with the estate agents and ensure all vehicles and doors are kept locked during the move.

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