Is your home safe? Find out the facts…

How much care do you take in the security of your home? If you’re fairly relaxed then you’re not alone, because it seems the value placed on their possessions by Britons is disproportionate to the amount of safety measures imposed.

According to statistics from a home insurance company, a burglary occurs in the UK every 45 seconds. This is astonishing. But despite this, we’re not doing enough to ensure we’re not the next victim.

The research suggests that homeowners in Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester are taking more risks when it comes to the home’s security.

So what mistakes are people making?

  • 38% of those polled said they have expensive belongings on show from the ground floor windows
  • 14% leave a key to their home outside the front door all through the year
  • 35% have posted they’ll be away from their property for an extended period on social media
  • 29% are guilty of leaving windows and doors unlocked when leaving home for a short time (such as going to the shops)
  • 43% of dog owners think the bark is a deterrent enough to potential burglars.

As well as the above, some homeowners are making it even easier for burglars to target their property by leaving clues to their whereabouts.

This includes:

  • 75% of homeowners not cancelling an order (such as a newspaper or milk delivery), so it stacks up outside
  • 69% don’t ask a neighbour or family member to check on their home whilst they’re away. Even the smallest sign of activity can deter an intruder
  • 62% of homeowners leave their bins out for the whole time they’re away.

Henry Topham of said: “They say a person’s home is their castle but, when it comes to protecting our properties from intruders, it would seem they are anything but.

“It’s easy to become complacent but it’s important to factor protecting your home into your everyday routine.”

And Michael Fraser, a reformed burglar, has given his advice to homeowners. He said: “If it’s hard to tell whether a home is occupied and if there are no obvious entry points, a thief will look for an easier option.

“That’s why it’s vitally important that people make every effort to deter criminals – lock doors and windows, hide valuables and disguise your absence to keep the opportunist thief at bay. It sounds simple but these measures can make all the difference.”

Tips to keep your home safe

If you don’t want to be the next statistic in home burglaries, then look to adopt the following practises and keep your property safe all through the year:

  • Whenever you leave the home always lock doors and windows, no matter the length of time you’ll be gone
  • Don’t leave your expensive possessions on show (laptops, game consoles, iPads etc)
  • Make sure to set your burglar alarm when you leave the house. If you don’t have an alarm system ensure to invest in one as they act as a visual deterrent too
  • Consider security lights if your front garden is particularly dark at night
  • Stop leaving a key outside the door, whether it’s under a mat or flower pot. You may as well leave your front door wide open if you do this
  • If you’re on holiday or away for a few days, make sure to ask a neighbour, member of family or friend to come round and collect your post and do the bins
  • Don’t forget to cancel any orders you have delivered
  • Never put your absence on social media. You don’t know who’ll be reading it and you’re advertising the fact you’ll be away!

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