Shed and garage security

Garages and sheds are often full of expensive tools, many of which can be used to break into the rest of the property.

Therefore it’s important to follow some useful shed and garage security tips:

Our top security tips are:

1. Never leave a garden shed or garage unlocked, especially if it has a connecting door to your home. A thief could compromise your garage security, without being seen, work on the inside door, which is likely to be of weaker construction than an external one.

2. Fit strong padlocks to shed and garage security doors, and make sure the doors are solid enough not to be kicked in.

It’s advisable to lock ladders inside your garage or shed to stop a thief using them to reach upstairs windows. Or, if there’s no room inside, horizontally chain or padlock them to a sturdy bracket on an outside wall.

3. If your garage or shed has a solid floor, consider fitting:

  • a) Lockable steel boxes to store your hand tools
  • b) Anchor posts to chain down larger tools and equipment.

Remember to never leave a spare set of keys outside your home. A much better option would be to leave a spare set with neighbours you can trust, a family member or even a friend. This means you can easily get access to these if you happen to lose your key. 44% of homeowners are doing this and it’s definitely the recommended option.

Remember you can always use a key cutting service to get as many spares as you need, whether it’s to dish out to your children or other relatives.

Stop leaving your key outside and improve the security of your home. According to statistics there’s a burglary attempt every 45 seconds, so make sure you’re not the next one to fall victim.

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