Burglar alarm price guide

Do you fear your home being burgled? Unfortunately there are still plenty of people out there who wouldn’t give a second thought to breaking into your home.

Returning to your property after a break-in is always a nightmare scenario. Your drawers will be scattered over the floor, cupboards flung over and gaps in rooms where your expensive TV or music system used to be.

And it’s definitely worth considering security measures to keep your home protected.

But aren’t burglary rates coming down in this country?

Yes, it’s true that domestic burglaries have been decreasing in frequency. In fact, between 1996 and 2008, figures plummeted from 1.7m to 729,000. But that’s still 729,000 than we’d like. With the recent recession and a growing number of unemployed, there’s every chance of burglaries increasing again.

What is a typical burglar alarm price?

You may be surprised to learn that improving your home’s security is cheaper than you’d think. In fact, a basic burglar alarm price could be as little as £39.99 if you go to a store such as Argos and fit the system yourself.

Of course, you’ll get extra protection and improved security by spending more, and if you have the money you could spend as much as £1,000 on a burglar alarm.

The consumer watchdog Which? contacted 281 professional security companies to get an average house alarm price. The average burglar alarm price to fit for a three bedroom semi-detached home was £475.

Whilst you may think this to be on the expensive side, how much value to you place on your home’s belongings?

Are there different types of house alarms?

There are three main house alarms on the market for you to consider. These include a bell only alarm, monitored alarm and speech dialler. So let’s find out more:

  • Bell-only alarm

This type of alarm does effectively what it says on the tin. When the alarm is triggered it’ll make a racket, being enough to deter criminals and alert your neighbours to a problem. However, it won’t result in any police response. Which? suggest that for this type of alarm you would pay between £390 and £600.

  • Monitored alarm

With a monitored alarm system, when it’s triggered a signal is sent to a receiving centre. Someone at that end will immediately call your home and ask for a password ID. If this isn’t supplied then the police are notified. This house alarm system is connected to your telephone line and there is a monthly fee on top of installation costs.

  • Speech dialler

This is a cheaper system to have fitted than the monitored alarm and can be connected to your existing system. If your property is broken into, the speech dialler will call the phone numbers programmed in and leave a pre-recorded message. Which? suggest this would cost between £100 and £150.

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