Alarm Project Timeline

If you’re considering getting a new alarm or alarm system, it can be helpful to know how long the work will take. Being aware of this means that you can get your alarm project done at a convenient time.

It’s often hard to say for sure how long an alarm project will take as it depends on your property, the installer and the type and number of alarms you want. But to give you a general idea, we’ve come up with a rough timeline.

How long will an alarm project take?

Research: 1 week

It’s important to put plenty of time into researching the kind of alarm you want and who you’re going to get to install it. Once you have an idea of the type of alarm or system you want, you can then look for installers that specialise in this area.

Once you’ve found several installers you can ask them for quotes and compare them. It’s also worth looking for any reviews so you can find out about customers’ experiences with the installer. If you’ve found the pro through our service, you can visit their profile page to see their ratings and reviews.

Installation: less than 1 day

Once you’ve chosen an installer and they’re ready to come to your property, installing an alarm won’t take very long. Wireless alarms usually take less time to install than wired ones, but either way your alarm project won’t take longer than a day. Once your alarm is in place, connected to a power supply and to your property’s phone line if you’re getting a speech dialler or monitored alarm, the installer’s work will be done.

Programming your alarm: less than an hour

Once your alarm’s set up, you might need to spend a short time programming it. How you do this varies according to the alarm but you should just be able to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You’ll probably only need to do this with speech dialler and monitored alarms. Other types of alarm usually come ready to use.

Total time: Around 1 week

So now you should have a general idea of how long your alarm project is likely to take. If you need help getting started with your project, complete our form below. We’ll put you in touch with up to 4 alarm installers in your area.