Alarm Cost Guide

Your home’s security isn’t something you want to scrimp on, but it’s important to know how much you have to spend on alarm systems for your home. There are various types of alarms that you can get from your home, including fire and smoke alarms as well as burglar alarms.

Alarm control on orange wall

General advice

Do your research

Do some research about the type of alarm you want for your home. Every home should have at least 1 fire alarm, but you may want the added security of a burglar alarm. There are different types that can offer different services for your home.

Set a budget

You’ll need to set a budget for the system that you want for your home. Ensure that after you’ve done your research you set a realistic budget for the type of system. Prices vary, so it’s best to get a range of quotes to see what you can afford.


Here are some typical costs of alarm systems in 2024. Remember these are approximate, so always get quotes from reputable installers:

Type of alarm system Approx. cost (excluding installation)
Audible-only burglar alarm cost From £50
Speech dialler burglar alarm cost From £50
Monitored Burglar alarm cost From £100
Fire alarm cost From £5

To get the best price, you should get a number of quotes from different installers. Every company has different overheads, so there may be variation in quotes. Be wary of extremely high quotes and ask lots of questions if you get a very low quote.

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